PAYE Umbrella Scheme

In line with HMRC regulations  and the expectations of our regulator FCSA, we operate a PAYE Scheme that pays onshore within the UK and in Pound Sterling after all normal PAYE taxes have been taken care of.

We do not engage contractors who reside outside the UK or whose working arrangements fall outside of IR35 except for those who operate under the CIS Scheme.

How we pay the Contractor

We run multiple payrolls on a daily basis  to accommodate for all various schedules or payment processes of our clients.  Net payments due to the Contractor are paid into their UK based bank account in GBP (Pound Sterling) using the Faster Payments system (or BACS), this is usually before 9am on the day your wages are due. Midday and late afternoon pay runs are processed to handle delayed timesheets or remittances from agencies . We do not pay in any other currency and neither do we pay off-shore.


As an employee of Unified Payroll Ltd who works inside the IR35 legislation, your whole income is subjected to all applicable PAYE deductions that include:

  • PAYE Tax
  • NI Contributions (including Employer NI)
  • Pension Contributions
  • Holiday Pay (accrual basis)
  • Student Loan Repayment, and
  • Any other statutory deductions required.

So you will be paid net of all applicable statutory deductions.